Bio Aperitif

Rome Testaccio Aperitif


Starting from 18:30 Ketumbar offers an organic Aperitif to start Roman evenings with genuine flavors of the area. Top quality and organic ingredients in our evening aperitif will let mindful-eating succeed, discovering the path to healthy bliss. Ketumbar’s buffet stands out as it does not display ordinary chips fries and pizzas. It is various and healthy as it offers different dishes every night: couscous salads, rice or bulgur wheat, croutons, creams and legumes, homemade buns, omelettes vegetable strudels and vegetable mince pies, baked ricotta, baked vegetables and many other vegetarian dishes…

A wide selection of wines, craft beers, excellent cocktails and a unique setting under the Monte dei Cocci transforms a simple aperitif in Rome into a unique experience.

The price of the Aperitif is € 10 drinks included.

Do you want to book a table for the Aperitif in Rome Testaccio? Call 06-57305338 or email to info@ketumbar.it. If you prefer you can book here..

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